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A MicroPux is a plug'n play four Channel PUX which simulates up to four subscribers with their handsets.

MicroPUX is capable of measuring performance and availability of the network, services and applications. Software Components of MicroPUX consists of Measurement OS and Test Modules. The compact and rugged all-in-one solution and its diverse measurement capabilities in mobile networks (2G, 3G, 4G, 4.5G), fixed networks (e.g. LAN and DSL) and services (Voice, data, messaging, multimedia services etc.) make MicroPUX probe units especially suited for distributed and drive/walk testing.

Local administration efforts are kept nearly at zero using watchdog and a package of comfortable remote administration functionalities. The simultaneous continuous software & hardware engineering provides us with the opportunity to present you a well-thought-out solution from beginning to the end. All your created scenario definitions in the web-based environment are reusable for any other probe. All the tests run unattended on the probes. The test results are stored locally on the probe and will be uploaded automatically to the central application server.

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PUX/MiniPUX probes are highly suited for 



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