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PIXIP.NET's hardware is one of the most flexible and reliable of its kind. There are many useful features, which enable the user to utilize the system in the way he needs it.

One of the most innovative features is the SIM-Farm.
SIM-Farm is an additional daughterboard, which can be mounted on Modem-Boards in both MiniPUX and PUX probe channels. It equips every modem with up to 9 SIM-Cards, which can be used on demand.
Xmass Test-Engine is capable of switching the SIM on a SIM-Farm within a test scenario.

SIM-Farm is the best solution to host up to 18 SIM Cards in every channel (9 SIMs per each Modem) and use them on demand. There are many cases, where a SIM-Farm comes very handy, like:

  • Switching between Pre-Paid and Post-Paid SIM cards
  • Using different SIM-Cards in Drive-Tests (e.g. for Roaming Tests)
  • Using different SIM-Cards with different pricing plans (e.g. in Revenue-Assurance scenarios)
  • Using SIM-Cards of different operators one after each other to test a service with all available operators.
  • All cases, where local SIM-Switching in a probe is required

SIM-Farm is a very innovative solution providing more flexibility is test and scenario design. Every MiniPUX or PUX channel can be equipped with a SIM-Farm.
MiniPUXes with 2 Modem-Boards can be equiped with 2 SIM-Farms to hold up to 36 SIM-Cards (9 per each Modem).

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